Monday, May 31, 2010

There's nothing better than spending time with the family. Here's a picture of my son's first time at the carousel, we definitely had a blast!! 


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Aleeeeex..! he's the son of my good friends Miguel and Meaghan Tanuz, I had the chance to photograph Alex during an afternoon they came to visit me at my studio.

Here's an oil on canvas piece that is still in progress, it's the portrait of one good friend of mine from school! he was a character let me tell you...He's one of those artists who goes with the flow and not with rules.

 Take a look at these sketches that I did for a self-portrait that never came out, well not yet! I'm still working in the concepts...I'll be posting more later.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 of the passion of my life! how you can't love this game? I grew up playing it, I paid my education, and now I'm having the big blessing of been teaching new generations about the love for the game.

During a recent trip to the woods with my family I had the chance to take some nice shots but my favorite one is the portrait that I took from a little friend named Dillon! he's not older than my son and he's one of the strongest soul and body that I know! he has been trough so many surgeries in his short life that it's amazing...actually this picture of him was taken days before he was taken to the hospital and put in a coma for about a week or more!!! thanks to all the prayers nowadays he's doing a lot better but still at the hospital, the picture talks by itself, you can see how he was fighting against the pain...  

Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is the first time that I'm doing something like this! my wife has been pushing me to do a blog so people can see what I do for living! wow! it looks like yesterday when I was working in these pieces, all those are international students from the School that I went to. They were very generous to sit down and pose for me! I had to take pictures and work from those because it was very hard for them to sit joke! the final result is what you are seeing, it's not the same to seeing those in person but I believe those pics do a great job! it's good to mention that those are real life size, so if you stand in front of the work it would look like if you were talking with them.

I'll be posting more of my work later so viewers can see them and leave comments!
Hope you like it!

                                                        Pastel on drawing paper 24"x 18"

                                                        Pastel on drawing paper 24"x 18"

                                                        Pastel on drawing paper 24"x 18"

                                                         Pastel on drawing paper 24"x 18"

                                                          Self portrait - oil on canvas 5'x 4'